Buying Guide for a Blender for Ice


Welcome to the park slope 100 area, this time we will discuss one of the most loved list for the slope, which is a blender. You buy a blender because you can do many things with it in the kitchen. A good blender is a real asset. For example, you can make delicious and healthy green smoothies with it.

But besides to do those regular tasks with blender, you sometimes need a blender that able to crush ice. A strong one. That comes with sturdy blades and massive power from its motor.

According to Blendtec Designer 625 is one of the top blenders for Ice as its blades are able to produce maximum 28,000 rotation per minute (RPM)

Guidance how to choose blender for ice

When purchasing a blender for ice it is necessary to take into account some important points which are:

1. Check the motor

It is important that your blender is powerful enough, especially if you want to blend ice ingredients too. Think of frozen spinach cubes, ice cubes, nuts, seeds, pips and hard vegetables.

The engine's power is indicated in Watts. Our experience requires 700-800 watts to achieve a good smooth result: a well-drinkable smoothie without pieces. The more watts, the more powerful the blender is and the quicker and finer you can grind the ingredients.

2. Check the blades

 The material of blades can become crucial when talking a blender for crushing ice. Choose the blades that made from good quality of stainless steel, the thicker the better, You don't need to have a very sharp blades since with the high speed motor the ice cubes will be crushed while the blades crash the ice. For example you can check this Oster 4-point Ice Crushing Blade.

3. Choose blender with jar made from glass or plastic

You have blenders with a glass can and you have blenders with a plastic can. Our preference is for a blender jar of glass. The advantages of a glass is a glass blender jar can be washed into the dishwasher without any problems. With a plastic blender jar that doesn't last very well. A blender jar of glass comes dry the dishwasher, a plastic blender jar not.

A plastic blender jar is a lot lighter than a glass can. And if you drop it on a hard floor, he probably survives. A blender jar of glass is shattered. Adding the advantages and disadvantages quickly becomes clear that it is wiser to choose a blender jar of glass.


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