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Interview With Bob Dylan to Reveal How Marketing War Between Vitamix versus Ninja

I'll never forget the day that a perfect stranger by the name of Bob Dylan, a former partner who worked as a journalist in Washington and New Jersey.

I met Bob a few weeks later at the First Annual Brooklyn Marketing Festival at the Old Stone House. That was June of 2016, and I was very impressed with him. Serious, funny, he had a hearty laugh and a radio announcer's voice. He told me that he'd worked at the National Journal in Washington for years. It was obvious that he was excited about this marketing thing.

But instead of talking about all the hype in the marketing war, we attracted by advertising from a relatively new brand from Ninja Kitchen who claimed if they have a better blender which is cheaper than the great Vitamix blender at that moment.

Our eyes both looked at the packaging of Ninja Ultima Blender, the Ninja Kitchen blender which claims as good as $600 Vitamix blenders. I asked Bob "Are they kidding? This is clearly a marketing war". Let's look at the packaging that I mentioned. That is common these days Bob replied.

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Is it legal to have this type of Marketing Competition as what Ninja vs. Vitamix?

As I know Bob is senior Marketing I started to ask him if this is legal, can you create a product like Ninja Ultima Blender and claim it is as good as Vitamix Pro 750 blender which cost you $600, and the Ninja blender comes with 1/3 cheaper?

How can you compare two different blenders and claim it way cheaper and better if you never ran some test? The interesting thing is there are some of the legit websites out there which already discussed this Ninja vs. Vitamix hype. Even a very famous news website Consumer Report also makes a depth review regarding these two blenders.

Bob also said, there is nothing Vitamix can do except accept the challenge and keep producing a good quality blender so let the consumer decided whether ninja is better than Vitamix or not.

What consumer can benefit from Ninja and Vitamix competition?

As the competition between Vitamix and ninja become intense the only side which can get the benefits is the consumer. They now have more choice. It is hard to believe that the same quality of a blender can cost you that difference.

Let's say Vitamix has better motor or jar, but the consumer cannot afford the cost. Then it will be a good reason for them to look at the Ninja Ultima blender. Or if the consumer wants higher quality and better warranty where the money is not a problem, then they can buy the Vitamix.

There are 4 essential aspects when compareing these 2 blenders:

  1. The build quality (motor, body, jar, blades, cords, and dials)
  2. The features (pre-programmed settings, overheat sensor, auto cleaning)
  3. The warranty (how long the warranty)
  4. The price itself

so with the four things you can compare between those two blenders you can determine which blender that suitable for your need and budget. I would say this competition just bring the customer to the next level of better understanding of a good quality blender. Nothing to worry and I believe both blenders have their own market.


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